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3 Things I Won’t Do Again In Gatlinburg TN

by Corey Piccirillo
Clingman's Dome Gatlinburg TN Smoky Mountains
Gatlinburg, TN is a popular tourist destination for a reason. The beautiful scenery and plethora of activities to do make it the perfect place to visit with family or friends. However, I learned a few things during my trip that I won’t do again! Read on for my list.

1. Staying in a room without a kitchen / Gatlinburg TN

Staying in a room without a kitchen is the worst decision you can make when visiting Gatlinburg. Firstly, there are many restaurants in Gatlinburg; however, they can add up quickly, especially on vacation. When dining out, an average meal in Gatlinburg should cost around $27 per person. Just doing math for a family of four, the cost can easily be hundreds of dollars for a quick weekend trip. I’ll never stay in Gatlinburg without staying in a room with a kitchen – this is a huge money saver! Our Gatlinburg vacation specialists will assist you if you need help finding a room with a kitchen! We help hundreds of families like yours get the most out of Gatlinburg every day. Call now for Gatlinburg assistance with Kitchen Accommodations!

Smoky mountains kitchen in Gatlinburg TN

2. Not looking for discounts and deals beforehand / Gatlinburg TN

When I went to Gatlinburg for the first time, I thought it wouldn’t be too expensive for a vacation. Firstly, let me tell you – even back then, I spent hundreds of dollars quickly just doing some of the attractions over the weekend. Something I won’t do again is not looking up and taking advantage of promotions and discounts. We pride ourselves on giving our readers the best rates in this beautiful mountain town because we have been there before – spending too much. 

Did you know? There are 70% discounts for your hotel stay in Gatlinburg! In addition, all the theme parks usually have specials and promotions. We recently partnered with Ober and Anakeesta, and we scored with discounted theme park tickets – which I’ve really enjoyed! Don’t make the mistake of paying full price again like I once did – it’s not worth it, and your bank account will thank you for it! Call us we will help you save in this beautiful mountain escape! 

Anakeesta Chondola ride through the scenic mountains

3. Forgetting the essentials while hiking / Gatlinburg TN

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, but it’s essential to be prepared before heading out on the trail. Forgetting essentials like food, water, and a map can quickly turn a pleasant hike into a dangerous ordeal.

One of the essential items to bring on a hike is water. It’s vital to drink plenty of water before hiking and bring a refillable bottle or reservoir. Dehydration can set in quickly when you’re exerting yourself, and it can be challenging to find a water source once you’re out in the wilderness. Here are some things you should always do before a hike:

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Gatlinburg TN is a beautiful place, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great vacation spot. That said, there are definitely some things you should know before you visit so that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Be sure to share this post with your friends who are also planning on visiting the area; they’ll thank you for it!

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