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The 10 Best Places for Candy in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

by Millie

If you’ve ever been to Gatlinburg , you could agree that they know their candy! Downtown Gatlinburg is a Bavarian inspired town with half-timbered architecture and that German charm. In fact “Ober” means “top” in German.

So it is only natural for German traditions to be a part of the city, and this means plenty of candy houses everywhere you turn! So put down your passport and visit Germany right here in the United States!


1. Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen was founded in 1950 by Dave and Peggy Dych. The couple was traveling to California to seek their fortune, and stopped for a visit in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The young couple immediately recognized the potential of Gatlinburg as a growing motor tourist destination. They envisioned a visually entertaining main street business, serving the tourists with wholesome homemade candies.

The Candy was made in full view of the passing motor and walking public. Candy makers, dressed in white uniforms, stirred large copper kettles while feeding taffy into hypnotic machines. This drew a crowd on the patio outside the windows where seats were installed. The candy was displayed behind glass cases and sold in any quantity requested. Gatlinburg has flourished as a motor tourist destination and Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen is still serving the tourists wholesome homemade candy in the original way – one piece or a box full.


2. Kilwin’s Chocolates and Ice Cream

Since 1947 Kilwins has been a celebrated part of Americana having earned a reputation for providing high quality products and excellent service. Our heritage was built on the simple premise of creating our products from the finest ingredients and providing customers with great service.

Today we continue the tradition by uniquely combining high quality products with a warm friendly customer experience that is supported through a successful community of caring owner operators. We continue to offer the finest quality, traditional down-home confections and ice cream that are kitchen made fresh from premium ingredients and original recipes.


3. Country Candy Kitchen

The first recorded documents of Salt Water Taffy are dated from the late 1800s.  A man by the name of Bradley had a Candy Store on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Salt water taffy got its name in 1890.  One night an ocean wave came ashore, filling Mr. Bradley’s Candy Store with ocean water.  The next day, finding his store in ruins, he was furious.  A small girl came into his store and asked if he had any taffy.  His sarcastic remark was “Yes, I have salt water taffy.”  Mr. Bradley’s mother heard his sarcastic remark and thought the name fit perfectly.

Country Candy Kitchen was purchased January 1, 2013 by Marcia and Howey Reagan and their son, Caleb. They are natives of Pigeon Forge and have been in the candy business for a combined total of almost forty years. They continue using the same delicious recipes of the former owners.


4. Aunt Mahalia’s Candies

Aunt Mahalia’s Candies opened for business in 1939 and has been a “main stay” of Gatlinburg ever since.  We still make our delicious homemade candies the old fashioned way in our glass enclosed kitchens, making Aunt Mahalia’s a must while visiting in the Smokies.

Whether enjoying our famous Heavenly Fudge, Fluffy Divinity, Crunchy Peanut or Pecan Brittle, Creamy Pralines, Caramel Pecan Nests, luscious Pecan Logs, or any of our other delicious homemade candies, you can be sure only the finest of ingredients goes into their making. Our two locations on the Parkway in the heart of Gatlinburg are open year round for your shopping convenience.


5. Old Mill Candy Kitchen

At The Old Mill Candy Kitchen, our confectioners use time-tested recipes and traditional cooking methods to create a unique and irresistable assortment of candies and sweets. We pull and cut our many flavors of taffy with machines that have been in service for more than 75 years. We still cook in old fashion copper kettles and hand dip many of our chocolates. From homemade fudges and brittles to divinity and chocolate-covered cherries, you’ll taste The Old Mill difference in every sweet, chewy bite. Keep and eye out for our famous Bear Paws, which are taking the South by storm! These are made from the finest milk chocolate, our homemade caramel, and fresh pecans.


6. Smoky Mountain Candy Makers

The taffy is wrapped on an old fashioned taffy wrapping machine built in 1940. These machines haven’t changed much from when they first came out at the turn of the century. The machine slices a piece of taffy, cuts a piece of wax-paper wrapper, wraps the candy, then twists the end closed. People sometimes stand and watch it for hours amazed at the way it works.

In 1973, Howard Reagan Sr. headed out to seek his fortune in the tourism industry. He put everything he had as collateral into his own candy making business. Smoky Mountain Candy Makers was born.

As time went by, he taught his three children the business, Howard Jr., Mary, and Heath Reagan. Howard Jr., and Heath now operate the store for their Father, keeping up the tradition of candy making.


7. Mountaineer Kandy Kitchen

Mountaineer Candy Kitchen is a family-run candy store that offers fresh and delicious candies. The owner and candy-maker of this store has been making candy products since 1992, and today, his products are highly sought after by candy lovers in Gatlinburg. The store has a huge selection of homemade sugar-free candies as well as chocolates, fudge, taffy and brittle.


8. Karmelkorn Shop

Located at the entrance to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg has always been a haven for tourism. We host in excess of 11 million visitors each year. In 1961, when the Karmelkorn® Shoppe first opened it’s doors in downtown Gatlinburg, it quickly became one of the true icons of the area. Popcorn lovers of all ages have been endeared to the Karmelkorn® Shoppe since that time. We welcome many repeat visitors year after year.


9. Fudge Shoppe of the Smokies

Fudge Shoppe of the Smokies is Tennessee home grown, home made fudge. With a tradition as rich as the Smokies itself, our fudge is all natural and is made fresh and made daily the same way since 1986. We’ve got 11 “fudge” tastic flavors to hit every sweet spot and deliver that fudge fix anywhere under the sun–seriously just ask about our mail order. At Fudge Shoppe of the Smokies…remember…love the fudge.


10. The Caramel Candy Company

Gourmet caramel that won’t stick to your teeth. All natural, no preservatives, gluten free. Handmade one at a time. We offer the best sugar free caramel you will ever taste.

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