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6 Reasons to Take a Week-Long Getaway to the Smoky Mountains

by Millie

A Smoky Mountain vacation is the perfect way to escape the stress of life and spend quality time with friends and family. Although any amount of time spent in the Smoky Mountains is wonderful, an entire week is the magical number for an absolutely amazing vacation in East Tennessee! Here are 6 reasons to take a week-long getaway at The Great Smoky Mountians:

1. Enough Time to Truly Feel Like You’re on Vacation

When arriving at your vacation destination, it often takes a couple of days to settle into your environment and truly feel that you are on a break from your everyday life. A week-long getaway provides you with enough time to fully loosen up and relax.

2. Travel Time Doesn’t Eat Up Your Getaway

Since the Great Smoky Mountains are one of the most popular destinations in the Southeast, tourists come from all over the country to stay in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. This means that many visitors are taking at least a couple of hours to drive from their home. Unfortunately, this travel time consumes a significant portion of your overall vacation.

3. A Longer Trip Motivates Budget Planning

Although getting away for a couple of days may require some budgeting, many folks tend to simply go with the flow and spend their money freely. However, taking a week-long vacation provides extra motivation to budget your funds each day for dining out, activities, etc.

4. More Flexibility for Your Vacation Plans

A week-long getaway at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains provides you with plenty of flexibility for your vacation plans. When you spend over a week in the Smokies, you can easily make alternate arrangements for days of inclement weather and reschedule your plans for another day of your trip.

5. Reduced “Vacation Hangover” when Returning Home

After just a couple days in the Smoky Mountains, some visitors experience the dreaded “vacation hangover” when returning home. This is that post-vacation depression that sets in when you realize just how quickly your vacation flew past. However, after getting away for an entire week, you might actually be ready to spend some time back at home.

6. A Longer Getaway Truly Recharges Your Batteries

You have plenty of time to recharge your batteries and relieve any stress or tension from work or home when you spend time in the Smoky Mountains. When you return back to the routine of everyday life, you may be surprised how much more cheerful you seem to your family and friends!

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Have you ever planned a week-long vacation to the Smoky Mountains? What do you like to do when you visit?

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