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How to travel to Gatlinburg with your pet

Have an incredible getaway weekend at Gatlinburg with your lovely pet.

You don’t have to go through the anguish of leaving your furry friend at home. There are great lodging options for your dog, attractions and so many fun activities you can do at Gatlinburg. Spend an awesome weekend with your pet and add magical moments to your memories.

Give your dog a cozy pillow to sleep in:

After a full day of activities and fun, your dog will probably be feeling a bit tired. But here’s when the big question pops up: where does my little furry friend can spend the night? Fortunately, there are some great and affordable to our budget choices at Gatlinburg. Take a look at Barks and Recreation or Just Fer Paws. Grab a doggy movie and have a cozy night with your furry friend.

Special activities for your pet:

Take your dog out for a wonderful evening at Gatlinburg. Around the pavement, on Parkway you´ll find interesting pet shops to please your little friend. Go inside Paws n’ Claws Pet Fashion or Bonediggity Barkery & Gifts and give it a cute present. It is very entertaining to watch all the parade of dogs throughout the sidewalk on Parkway too. Your pet could make new friends! However, if you feel like doing something more adventurous, go to the Gatlinburg Skylift and ride up to the mountaintop. They allow people to go accompanied by their dogs! Likewise, once you come down, don’t forget to visit Holly & Willow’s Pet Barn in the historic Arts & Crafts Community. Surprise your dog with a new toy!

Take your dog out to dinner:

Alright, we need to be honest, “the way to a doggy’s heart is through its stomach”. There are some cool pet-friendly restaurants where you can take your little friend with you at Gatlinburg. Try out Crystelle Creek, you won’t regret the tasty steak they prepare, or have an Ogle Dog at Fannie Farkle’s. Please don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of the Italian restaurants on the Parkway, maybe you could have a magical night as the lady and the tramp over there. To finish the evening go to The Funnel Cake Company to have a dessert or a couple of drinks at The Fox & Parrot Tavern.

Take a walk and explore Gatlinburg with your dog:

It is always a good idea to do outdoor activities in order to be in touch with nature and clear your mind, but it is even better if you have a nice company. Take your dog for a walking adventure on the pet-friendly Gatlinburg pathway in the Great Smoky Mountains, which begins at Sugarlands Visitor Center and goes over almost two miles along the amazing Pigeon River and historic homesites. If your little friend is lucky, it might find the love of its life on the way. Mynatt Park and Mills Park are also great options for a cool hike. Please keep in mind that dogs are not allowed to get out of the cars on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail or in Cade’s Cove, but it doesn’t matter because with their cute behavior they are going to make you feel happy all the ride.

A Great Pigeon Forge Attraction For Pets: Patriot Park
Located right next to Old Mill Square, Patriot Park offers a great place to exercise your pet in the heart of Pigeon Forge. Offering plenty of green space and a 1/2 mile walking track that features the flags of each of the states, this is the perfect spot to for you play fetch with your dog before heading off to another fun-filled adventure along the Parkway.

Don’t forget your favorite pet’s toy. It’s time to pack!

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Reply March 28, 2018

These are great suggestions. So fun to know that Gatlinburg is a dog-friendly spot. We love the idea of taking a road trip down with our furry friends.

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